10 Most Famous Clock Towers in the World

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Several old clock sayings emphasize the value of time and time – management. Humans are inspired to adapt, transform, and start anew by these ultimate timepieces. The following is a list of ten famous clocks towers from around the world that stand out in terms of design, structure, weight, and magnificence. Here is the list of  Most Famous Clocks around the world:


1) Big Ben Tower Clock

Year of construction: 31 May 1859

Total Height: 316 feet (96 m)

Location: Westminster, London, UK

Big Ben is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Big Ben is a world-famous clock tower situated in the Palace of Westminster, London (United Kingdom). The clock was named after the first commissioner of works known as Big Ben, and its official name is Elizabeth Tower. The clock tower has 11 floors reflecting the Gothic Revival architectural style.


2) Makkah Royal Clock Tower (Abraj Al-Bait)

Year of construction: 2004 to 2012

Total Height: 1972 feet (601 m)

Location: Makkah, Saudi Arabia

In Mecca, it is one of the world’s tallest clock towers (Saudi Arab). The iconic famous tower comprises 120 levels, with the clock itself taking up four of them. It features 2 million LED lights since it has the world’s largest clock face. Saudi Binladin Group designed and constructed this entire Abraj Al-Bait complex, the complex itself being a hotel & residential structure.


3) The Peace Tower Clock

Year of construction: 1927

Total Height: 322 feet (98 m)

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Central Block of Parliament in Ottawa is home to the renowned clock tower (Canada). The Peace Tower is one of the most widely recognized symbols of Canada. The 28-story structure is dedicated to the 65000 Canadian soldiers who died in World War One. There is also a Memorial Chamber Room near the Peace Tower and is dedicated to Canadians who died in wars around the world. The peace tower contains 53 massive bells and a flag that reads “peace.”


4) Prague Astronomical Clock

Year of construction: 1410

Total Height: 228 feet (69.5 m)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is recognized not only for its famous castle but also for the tower clock. This is the medieval tower clock located in Prague and attached to Old Town Hall. Astronomical is one of the most famous clocks in the world known as Orloj. This unrivaled piece of art shows the relative positions of the sun, moon, earth, and constellations. The clock shows time and date.


5) Rajabai Clock Tower

Year of construction: 1 March 1869

Total Height: 280 feet (85 m)

Location: Mumbai, India

Image Source: Wikimedia

Indian architecture has also contributed to the collection of famous clocks around the world. The clock tower is located in the Fort Campus of the University of Mumbai, near to the High Court. South Mumbai is home to the Rajabai Clock Tower (India). The clock tower is part of the Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble, which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018.


6) The Saviour Tower (Spasskaya Tower)

Year of construction: 1491

Total Height: 233 feet (871 m)

Location: Moscow, Russia

Image Source: Wikimedia

Spasskaya Tower is one of the most recognized symbols of Moscow. It is located on Red Square near St. Basil’s Cathedral, which is one of the oldest churches in the world. The Clock Tower, the world-famous structure in Moscow (Russia), served as the principal entrance to the Kremlin complex.  The clock is the most emetic mark of Russia, and it was designed to welcome foreign officials. The clock face is huge, having a 6-meter diameter.


7) Philadelphia City Hall Clock

Year of construction: 1898

Total Height: 548 feet (167 m)

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Image Source: Flickr

The Philadelphia City Hall Clock Tower is a stunning example of historic architecture. The Philadelphia City Hall clock was built with a special marvel, the clock tower has nine stories and four clock displays in each direction. The clock tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the world.


8) Rathaus Glockenspiel Clock Tower

Year of construction: 1908

Total Height: 260 feet (79 m)

Location: Munich, Germany

It’s the magnificent clock tower in Munich, Germany, which features 43 bells and 32 sculptures that depict dancing figures. It symbolizes ” fresh vitality” from the illness and deaths as a result of the plague, as well as “men’s loyalty to the king through tough times.”


9) The Clock Tower of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building 

Year of construction: 1894-1897

Total Height: 135 feet (41 m)

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In Kuala Lumpur, the world-famous clock tower is located in Jalan Raja of Dataran Merdeka and the Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia). Various official departments were situated in the magnificent tower construction during the British era. This is where the office of information and communication was recently established.


10) Zytglogge Clock Tower 

Year of construction: 1191 and rebuilt in the 15th century

Total Height: 179 feet ( 54.5  m)

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Image Source: Wikimedia

This clock tower’s historic structure draws people from all over the world. UNESCO has designated this famous clock as a world heritage monument. This astronomical clock has a melodic component that adds to its appeal. Zytglogge clock tower is one of the most recognizable symbols and famous tourist destinations in Bern, Switzerland.


These are abovementioned famous clocks are a collection of famous clocks around the world, and each clock offers an incredible narrative about a distinct city. The awesome ancient architecture and jaw-dropping designs are reflected in these incredible timeless timepieces.

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