Top 16 Famous Lighthouses in the World

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Giving light and guiding moving mariners is the nature of standstill lighthouses. Like a companion of despair, a lighthouse sends out hopes amidst dark gloomy nights spreading comfort and delight to the souls. World famous lighthouses are unprecedented witnesses of architecture, glorious history and legendary maritime tales. Take a look at these magnificent light structures that are the most famous lighthouses in the world, each with its own unique significance.


1) The Formentor Lighthouse

Location: Majorca Island, Spain

Constructed: 1863

Focal Height: 210 m (690 ft)

Formentor Lighthouse
Image Source: Flickr 

Formentor or Cap de Formentor is one of the most fascinating lighthouses in the world. It is the tallest lighthouse with a focal height of 210 meters above sea level in the Balearic Islands and was designed by Emili Pou. The lighthouse is located on the cliff of Majorca (Mallorca) in the Balearic Islands of Spain. The flashlight has a range of about 24 nautical miles (44 km).

Famous for:

The lighthouse is not the only attraction in the northernmost point of Mallorca. It is one of the most famous photographer sites in Majorca, due to the outstanding natural beauty and beautiful beaches around it. Cap de Formentor is also famous for cycling and allow you to enjoy cycling in one of the most famous tourist attractions in Spain.


2) Chania Lighthouse

Location: Venetian Port Chania (Greece)

Constructed: 1595-1601

Focal Height: 26 m (85 ft)

Chania Lighthouse

Chania is one of the most famous lighthouses in the world as it is the oldest lighthouse in the whole world. The lighthouse tower is 21-meter high with an octagonal base, sixteen-sided mid part and the top of the lighthouse is in a circular shape. This elegant timeless minaret has undergone several reconstructions for the restoration of the dignity and existence of the guiding tower.

Famous for:

The ancient architecture of Chania is still unsurpassed. This is the city’s most popular tourist attraction. It dazzles the entire port area and spreads its light up to 7 miles to aid ships and seamen, making it the most beautiful spot in Crete.


3) Point Bonita Lighthouse

Location: San Francesco Bay, California

Constructed: 1855

Focal Height: 38 m (124 ft)

Point Bonita Lighthouse
Image Source: Wikimedia 

It is a famous lighthouse due to its captivating perspective. It is the last lighthouse guarded by man and one of the best tourist attractions in USA. Its focal height is 124ft and it flashes 2 blasts every 30 seconds to help ships by offering a clear way to enter and exit the San Francisco Bay. The magnificent lighthouse was first lit in 1877.

Famous For:

The lighthouse at Point Bonita is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This picturesque destination is perched on a rock and is reached via a suspension bridge. The tower has high architectural integrity as well as a strong structural component. It is the ideal spot to take in the expanse of the Pacific Ocean.


4) Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Location: 9.3 Km east of Ushuaia, Argentina

Constructed: 1920

Focal Height: 22.5 m (74 ft)

Les Eclaireurs Light House

The lighthouse at Les Eclaireurs is a cylindrical tower with a balcony and lamp. It is illuminated by a solar-powered energy source. This famous lighthouse is made of brick and has a white flash range of 10 nautical miles (19 kilometers and 12 miles) and a red flash range of 7 nautical miles (13 kilometers and 8.1 miles).

Famous for:

It is known as “the lighthouse at the end of the world” because it is the world’s southernmost lighthouse. The lighthouse is more than a century old, yet it is still operational, and it is a popular tourist attraction that can be controlled remotely.


5) Portland Head Lighthouse

Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Constructed: 1791

Focal Height: 31 m (101 ft)

Portland head lighthouse

Portland Headlight house is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. This is one of the most famous lighthouses in history due to its splendid architecture constructed out of rubble stone and bricks. It emanates light with a range of 24 nautical miles (44Km 28, miles).

Famous for:

The Portland Head Lighthouse is known for its stunning beauty and breathtaking views of the ocean it depicts. This historic structure has undergone various renovations. The second-order Fresnel lens is now on display at the lighthouse museum. Throughout the summer, a large number of tourists came to admire the beautiful view from the lighthouse and museum.


6) Galle Lighthouse 

Location: Galle, Sri Lanka

Constructed: 1848

Focal Height: 28 m (92 ft)

Galle Lighthouse 

Galle Lighthouse is a white tower with a lantern. It possesses a balcony and lantern and it is a fully-automated lighthouse. It is situated inside the famous Galle Fort and one of the oldest lighthouses in Sri Lanka. Electricity is the main operating source of this famous lighthouse. Its flash range excellently reaches 47 nautical miles (87 Km and 54 miles).

Famous For:

It was the first lighthouse erected in the British architectural style by Britishers. The lighthouse is located within the old fort of Galle, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lighthouse in Galle is ideally located near the southern extremity, above the road level, and can identify any ship approaching.


7) Makapu’u Point Lighthouse 

Location: O’ahu Island, Hawaii, United States

Constructed: 1909

Focal Height: 130 m (420 ft)


Makapu’u Point Lighthouse 
Image Source: Wikimedia 

Makapu’u Point Light House is exactly located at the Southeast point of Oahu, Island, Hawaii. It is enlisted in the Register of Historic Places. The flashlight range of the lighthouse is around 17 nautical miles (31 Km 19 miles).

Famous For:

Due to its greatest hyper radiant Fresnel lens, this remarkable light carrier is one of the most famous lighthouses in the world. It is built on the edge of a towering volcanic cliff. When the Makapu’u Point lighthouse was powered by an oil vapor lamp, it experienced a disastrous explosion. Later, the structure was renovated and lighted by a 500-watt incandescent bulb.


8) Jeddah Lighthouse

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Constructed: 1990

Focal Height: 137 m (449 ft)

Jeddah light house
Image Source: Wikimedia 

Jeddah Light House is an elegant masterpiece of modern architectural style. The flashlight range of this lighthouse is 25 nautical miles (46 Km 29 miles). This incredible structure was built out of concrete and steel. It is located at the end of the pier to the north side of the Jeddah port.

Famous For:

Jeddah Light House is enlisted in the famous lighthouses of the world. It is popular because of its gigantic structure. It is known to have the tallest towering lighthouse in the world with a height of 133 meters. The tallest light tower is enlisted in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agencies List of Lights.


9) Oak Island Lighthouse

Location: Caswell Beach, North Carolina (facing the Atlantic Ocean)

Constructed: 1958

Focal Height: 52 m (169 ft)

Oak Island light
Image Source: Flickr 

Oak Island Lighthouse has a firm foundation of concrete base and steel piling. This famous light House is also enlisted in the National Register of Historic Places. Its flashlight range is 37.966Km. The lighthouse flashlight range is very wide, up to 24 nautical miles (44 km).

Famous For:

The stunning Oak Island lighthouse is illuminated by 16 LED lights. The lights are located 169 feet above the water’s surface. After every 10 seconds, the lights flash four times for one second. 1000-watt incandescent bulbs are used to power it. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean from the observation platform.


10) Maiden’s Tower Lighthouse

Location: Bosporus, Istanbul, Turkey

Constructed: 1725

Focal Height: 19 m (62 ft)

 Maiden’s tower, Turkey

At the Bosporus, the Maiden’s Tower is a beautifully built edifice. This famous lighthouse tower provides a spectacular perspective of the city and is Turkey’s most popular tourist attraction. This stunning architectural masterpiece has been transformed into a restaurant and cafeteria.

Famous for:

The mystical name of this famous tower is riddled with legends. The most famous story is about a father’s favorite princess. An oracle once predicted that her daughter will be killed by a deadly snake on her 18th birthday. To keep his daughter safe from snakes, the emperor built this tower in the midst of the water, where he could keep her in for 18 years. Aside from the bizarre stories, the tower’s stunning outlook attracts many people.


11) Lindau Lighthouse

Location: Lindau, Germany

Constructed: 1856

Focal Height: 35 m (115  ft)

Lindau Lighthouse Germany

It is the most famous lighthouse, with a cylindrical form, featuring a balcony, and a lantern. The lighthouse’s main source of power is electricity, and when ships send radio signals, only then lighthouse’s light is illuminated to guide them. Every three seconds, the light flashes once.

Famous for:

The lighthouse is situated on the shores of lovely Lake Constance and one of the best places to visit in Germany. The lighthouse’s magnificent construction is so outstanding that it is still open to visitors. The city and the lighthouse are linked by the boardwalk. The location and magnificent perspective are ideal for a memorable vacation.


12) The Tower of Hercules Lighthouse

Location: A Coruna, Galicia, Spain

Constructed: 2nd century A.D (Reconstructed: 18th century)

Focal Height: 49 m (160 ft)

The tower of Hercules Lighthouse in Spain

The elegant tower was constructed in ancient Roman architecture style. This is one of the most famous lighthouses in history due to its ancient most built. The marvelous tower is a National monument of Spain and is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Famous For:

It is Spain’s second tallest lighthouse, and it faces the country’s north Atlantic coast. It is one of the world’s most visited lighthouses and one of the best places to visit in Spain. The original purpose of the Tower of Hercules was to warn mariners about the Peninsula on which it was situated.


13) Lindesnes Lighthouse

Location:  Lindesnes, Norway

Constructed: 1655

Focal Height: 50 m (160 ft)

 Lindesnes Lighthouse Norway

Lindesnes Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Norway. The flashlight range of its first-order Fresnel lens is 17.7 nautical miles (33km 22miles). It is located in the most spectacular location of south Norway, thus making it an ideal tourist destination. The gigantic lighthouse is built on a Solid Iron-based structure. The tower has a national lighthouse museum. It is a popular hub for hosting various exhibitions.

Famous for:

Lindesnes lighthouse is gloriously beautiful with a red top and balcony and a bottom white base. It houses a small museum that witnesses the wealthy culture and struggling history of the people of Norway.


14) Beachy Head Lighthouse

Location: English Channel, England

Constructed: 1902

Focal Height: 31 m (102 ft)

Beachy Head Lighthouse

Beachy Head Light House is a world-famous lighthouse because of its spectacular location and construction. It is situated at the base of the cliff. It has a focal height of 102 ft and has granite construction marked by white and red bands. The lighthouse gives one signal after every 30 seconds. It is powered by a first-order 920mm asymmetrical catadioptric rotating optic LED.

Famous for:

The Beachy Head lighthouse was built to aid in the navigation and redirecting of ships. Originally powered by solar panels, it was later updated to include navigation lights. It is the most picturesque location used for filming, which making it one of the best tourist attractions in England.


15) Cape Espichel Lighthouse

 Location: Castelo, Portugal

Constructed: 1790

Focal Height: 168 m (551 ft)

Cape Espichel lighthouse Portugal
Image Source: Wikimedia 

The fourth-order Fresnel 300mm lens that illuminates Cape Espichel Light House has a flashlight range of roughly 48 kilometers. The most famous lighthouse features a hexagonal structure with stone walls to ensure its survival. When the weather is foggy, the lighthouse generates a loud siren.

Famous for:

The lighthouse at Cape Espichel has been transformed into a fully automated tower for signaling and guiding ships. The magnificent stone-built tower is part of the country’s national heritage. It has a remarkable beauty that exudes a spectacular view of the enormous Atlantic Ocean.


16) Cordova Lighthouse

Location:  Le Verdon-sur-Mer, France

Constructed: 16th century

Focal Height: 60 m (197 ft)

Cordouan Lighthouse France
Image Source: Wikimedia 

Cordouan Lighthouse is the world’s tenth tallest lighthouse. It is powered by a Fresnel lens of the first order. The focal height of the tower is 197 feet. The king-sized conical tower is built on a towering plateau, giving it a striking appearance. It is located 7 kilometers from the sea.

Famous for:

The guiding tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive architectural construction in the Roman style. The ornately ornamented structure exhibits the outstanding carved work of old patterns. Even though this world-famous lighthouse has been repaired, it still reflects the wonderful artwork.


The world’s most famous lighthouses are fascinating structures that continue to inspire by guiding those who are lost and surviving in the most difficult phase of life. These lighthouses are well-known for their magnificent architecture and proud history. Explore these enlightening artifacts to learn more about the struggles of seamen and the vast oceans throughout history.

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