World’s First Largest & Floating Underwater Tunnels in Norway

Last Updated on 26th November 2019 by admin

Norway is planning to Build World’s First Largest and Floating Underwater Tunnels. Isn’t that amazing?

$25 billion has been committed by Norway to the construction of a floating tunnel beneath the Sognefjord which is a body of water more than 3,000 feet wide and 4,000 feet deep.

It would be the first of its kind in the world and this tunnel could save a trip time to 10.5 hours for the travelers.  The commitment to the project funds are $25 billion for now and the completion is expected to be around 2023.

While this idea is really new for other countries but for a country like Norway tunnels aren’t a new thing.

Norvey has 1,150 traffic tunnels and 35 of which are located under deep water. However, Fjords will be a mile deep according to the existing tunnels and this is what is creating a challenge for the engineers involved.

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