Gulf of Alaska Where Two Oceans Meet But Never Mix

Last Updated on 17th November 2018 by admin

The sight of the electric blue water meet, but not mixing with dark blue water is quite amazing. So what is the story behind this unusual phenomenon? To keep it simple, here’s what happened: These are not two oceans, which only two different waters meet, namely the glacier melting water, which has a light blue color and the salty sea water, which has a dark blue color.

The result of the melting glaciers with fresh water, which intermingle with the ocean’s salt water, has made it difficult for the two oceanic bodies of the water to mix because of the different densities.

The Gulf of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean is essentially the curve of the southern coast of Alaska, which extends west from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island to the Alexander Archipelago in the east. In this area is also the Glacier Bay National Park and the ‘Inside Passage’ (Southeast Alaska).

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