Gulf of Alaska Where Two Oceans Meet But Never Mix

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The world is full of mysteries and there are some such things that seem nothing less than a miracle. 70 percent of the earth consists of only water. Finding the beginning and end of the oceans is a very difficult task. Today we are going to tell you about a strange phenomenon in the Gulf of Alaska, which is located in the Pacific Ocean and contains some of the secrets of the two oceans. There is a place in the Gulf of Alaska where two oceans meet but do not meet, we can see a clear difference in their water. The sight of the electric blue water meeting, but not mixing with dark blue water is quite amazing.

So what is the story behind this unusual phenomenon? To keep it simple here’s what happened: This is not the meeting of two oceans, glacial meltwater mixes with the waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Glacier meltwater, which has a light blue color and salty seawater, which has a dark blue color. All this is due to the difference in temperature variation, the density of the water and the salinity level of glacial meltwater, so the two do not meet each other.

The result of the melting glaciers with fresh water, which intermingle with the ocean’s saltwater, has made it difficult for the two oceanic bodies of the water to mix because of the different densities. The Gulf of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean is essentially the curve of the southern coast of Alaska, which extends west from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island to the Alexander Archipelago in the east. In this area is also the Glacier Bay National Park and the ‘Inside Passage’ (Southeast Alaska).

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